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- Avoid other procedures for 2 weeks before.

- Avoid using acid exfoliating products the night before and the morning of the procedure.

- Avoid using Retinol 0.3 for 3 days / Retinol 0.5 for 5 days / Retinol 1.0 for 7 days before.

The only treatment you can get done is our ‘facials’.

Yes, you will still require a patch test for our records first.

On average 6-10. This depends and varies from patient to patient taking into consideration genetics, up keeping, hormones and more. 

We carry out a detailed consultation asking you about your lifestyle and health. Some medications may sensitise your skin. We ask you to fully disclose any information that may have an impact on your treatments, which will be noted on your consultation form.

We have descriptions of treatments on our website with concerns they target, if you’re still unsure feel free to call us or book under standard ‘facials’ and we will always advise on the day regardless.

2-4 weeks, depending on treatment

Yes, chemical peels and mesotherapy are non-invasive treatments.

No, our peels don’t have down time